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I love geocaching! If you haven't heard of it, get yourself a GPS and check out this website: I've used a Garmin 60CSx for years and loved it. This week I'm upgrading to a DeLorme PN-40 and XMap 6.2. I use GSAK on my desktop or laptop to look up caches and CacheMate on my PocketPC for notes in the field. I may not need CacheMate with the PN-40 though. I update my geocaching profile with CacheStats and "It's Not About The Numbers".

In 2005 we had a custom geocoin done by They were great to work with and I highly recommend them! The obverse design looks similar to our logo to the right. You can see the reverse design and coins I'm trading on my trader list.

Recently we had our logo turned into a stamp by They also were great to work with and I highly recommend them. has a fun online forum if you would like to meet fellow Maine geocachers.

GPS Hardware
Garmin 60CSx
HP iPAQ hx4750
Delorme PN-40
GPS Software
Delorme XMap 6.2
Delorme Topo 2008, SLD 2009
Computer Software
GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
It's Not About The Numbers
My Geocaching Profile
My Geocoin Trading List
Geocaching Maine Organization

Travel Bug and Geocache Printouts

If you have found one of our travel bugs or geocaches that is missing a printout, please print a new one out and include it with the item. Thanks!

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