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American Liberty Dollar

The Liberty Dollar is private, inflation proof REAL money that is devoid of inflation and debt. It's a currency of the people, for the people, and by the people.

REAL money does not cause our national debt to go up when you use it. In contrast, every Federal Reserve Note that is created adds to our national debt.

REAL money helps local economies thrive and prosper. Liberty Dollars spent in your community tends to stay in your community. Federal Reserve Notes tend to get sucked out to New York banks or big box retailers.

REAL money is fair. An explicit contract printed on every certificate tells you exactly what you're getting and what it's worth. That's what we should expect from Federal Reserve Notes, but we aren't getting it.

REAL money helps educate people about money, a topic on which most people have a very loose grasp on. The facts about money are simple, but they have somehow become complex over the years as we moved away from the basics.

Download this brochure and visit the website for more details.

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